Monday, March 8, 2010

Power data from last weekend's crit

A few people have asked about seeing power data from last weekend's crit. Its not a secret, but its also not particularly interesting!

Here it is:

Pretty uninteresting! There's a surge at the start, and then I settled in. The little bumps are due to varying my effort with the wind. You can see the speed and power are inversely related. the little drop-off midway is when A-grade passed me and I sat up a bit to let them go past.

Average power for the 41 minute race was 313W. From this I would estimate that my FTP (1hr maximal power) is about 305-310W.

I'm quite happy with this, given that I estimated my FTP at around 265W back in October when I first tested it (although I suspect it was a bit higher in September towards the end of road season, and then I had a break from training 'properly' for a month or so). Since then I've been structuring my training mostly around raising FTP, with a mix of long road rides, tempo rides, and intervals done at TT pace - mostly 2x20s.

One of the really cool things about using a power meter is being able to track improvements in such an objective way.

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